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Maxi Dresses – The easy way out?

Maxi Dresses – The easy way out?

For some of us, having to deal with a busy schedule every single day,  gets somehow tiring. When we come home from work, we only wish to relax and do things we enjoy most, such as leisure activities, watching our favorite series, reading a magazine or a book, chatting with our best friend.

Checked. Suddenly, you feel like eating an ice cream or a fruit salad. And the grocery is so far…You think you should hire a footman to do all these things for you. But, until then.., what can you do? Feed your apetite or be the slave of  cravings.

You fnally decide to go, but you don’t want to dress too sophisticated. It’s only a walk to the store, aaand, it’s still summer, so, what will you do ?

Of course, you pick the cute flourished maxi dress that you bought a week ago but never had the chance to wear.

It is the best choice for a quick walk to the market.

This is one practical use of this fantastic dress.


In my view, this kind of garb is ideal for any setting where you need to be loose, free, summerish.

A maxi dress is perfect for a walk on the beach, or even a day party.

The difference should be made by the fabric, the pattern and the way you accessorize. You cannot go with a jersey plain dress to a spree, that would be too monotonous.


Don’t let yourself drown into the wrong size of the items you put on, thinking you actually have a match. You will look as if you stole your dad’s clothes.


What’s so great about a maxi ?

Plump girls are also allowed to wear them. That is the advantage of this sort of dresses. They are a good way of hiding your “problem” areas and they give you the sense of cosiness.

All in all, take the chance, now that this season is all about colours and playful symbols. Spread some peppiness by chosing a maxi.

maxi-dress-water-ink1 tumblr_mr8esrGb2x1sv3htbo1_500

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