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Faceti cunostinta cu Marty Cooper, inventatorul telefonului mobil

Faceti cunostinta cu Marty Cooper, inventatorul telefonului mobil

“De multe ori ceea ce lumea numeste lipsit de sens, devine practic.”
Cat de lipsit de sens i s-ar fi parut lui Alexander Graham Bell notiunea de telefon fara fir, la inceputul secolului 20? La doar 7 decenii mai tarziu, primul telefon mobil si-a facut debutul, in aprilie 1973, iar pentru a sarbatori a patruzecea aniversare a tehnologiei care a definit epoca, producatorul David Friedman a facut profilul inventatorului Martin „Marty” Cooper, introducandu-l intr-o serie de portrete de inventatori.

„What’s important about any technology is That the technology is – hopefully – invisible, But at Least transparent and maybe intuitive. … The purpose of technology is to make your life better. Most cell phones do not do that very well – in FACT, They force us to become engineers, to learn a bunch of new things. We should not have to do that. The ideal phone Would be one WHERE I Would just talk to the phone – or maybe the phone Would read my mind – and it Would do things to make my life better. … If you try to build a device that does all things for all people, it won’t do any of Them very well. So I think that’s Where we are today with cell phones.”

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