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Bye Bye to ordinary office outfit! Hello to new leather style!

Bye Bye to ordinary office outfit! Hello to new leather style!


Oxford Street, London – the place where ordinary office outfit (a.k.a black and white style) cross above the limits. The recipe is simple: if you want to stand out, wear red… red shirt, red nails. So you know for sure that your facial expression is highlighted and whatever you have in the hands looks elegant. If you want to successfully cope with the cold, let the standard jacket home… at least for one day. Choose a leather jacket. Then add a touch of masculinity in your outfit with a belt. And finally accessorize it with a leather bag. Leather is the new white.

But, after all,  the secret ingredient is the attitude. Clothing has no effect if your attitude says otherwise. Maybe she’s a rebel in her company, maybe she received many negative opinions that day, perhaps she had the hardest day at work, but her smile is perfect, the casual posture too and the entire outfit seems to mean nothing else but: I am the CEO baby, no matter what!

Foto Credit: Julio Romeo

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