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Hello Word… Help me create my fashion landscape in this world

Hello Word… Help me create my fashion landscape in this world


I created this page not because internet need it another fashion page but because I believe there are so many interesting people out there, with styles far more interesting and inspiring then the ones created by fashion industry (catwalks, magazines, etc.). I believe that the fashion industry is changing anyway, we have the opportunity like never before to bring our styles upfront. Of course the fashion magazines have their own place but the trend on the street is becoming more and more a power and give the ordinary people on opportunity to step out of the crowd.

This page belongs to you. Every once in a while I will post here my everyday meetings with styles created by you. But not just clothes. I would love to hear the unique story behind each appearance. I love clothes but for me to get dress is more than “throwing something on me”  – not because there is something wrong in doing it so, but because I choose my style each day closely. It depends a lot of my mood and of course of my needs. I love to play with clothes and try to bring fun and colour into my life by wearing different pieces in different combination that I never though at before.

For me fashion can be a weapon against my blues as well as it can be my strength when I am not feeling too confident. It can change an ordinary day into extraordinary…

How about you? What does your style have to say about you? Well I will love to meet you and discuss it. Your unique style represents you and speaks about you. Help me create my fashion landscape in this world. Think about this page like a painting if you want. It brings together styles and colour.  Also it brings together people and stories. Allow me to interview you and many others and dare to feel like a superstar. I would love to hear from you. Meet me on the street!

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