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Get the look (Part II)

Postat de on Iul 30, 2013

For a laid-back, yet luxurious look we choosed Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s outfit. She is out and about in LA and looks fabulous with her gorgeous glossy loose waves. Try our picks of the week and see if you manage to look this good.

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Get the look

Postat de on Iul 17, 2013

August is coming fast and I bet you are getting ready for your Holiday

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Office girl on Oxford Circus, London UK

Postat de on Iun 16, 2013

The day is chill and rainy just like a proper London day; the outfit is simple and comfortable but chic. The ruffles of her shirt are just...

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Colorful and Playful… on Oxford Street, London, UK

Postat de on Iun 11, 2013

You could not possible pass her by and not turn your head. The combination between the leather jaket and the playful dress is just beautiful.

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Confident Couple… on Portobello Road, London, UK

Postat de on Iun 8, 2013

She might look a little overdressed, but she is a beauty. No need for her to step forward, because she looks perfect on his side.

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